EGCT, IDOI, BBDA & Extended Watchlist

Ecologic Transportation, Inc. EGCT

EGCT has appeared in our extended watchlist a few times in the month of July, beginning on the 16th. At that time the stock was trading at a low of .30. By the 25th the stock touched .48, a 60% gain.

Today we are bringing the stock to you as a featured play as we believe it could about to get even more interesting. This one is flying under a lot of people’s radars, but we feel that it could deliver the kind of results that were afforded to us by IDOI.

As always we are the first ones to show up at the party. We have a sinking suspicion that this play could soon be receiving mainstream attention. Currently we view it as undervalued as it momentarily remains off the beaten path.


IDO Security, Inc. IDOI

We’ve been tracking IDOI like a pack of bloodhounds since we first became familiar with the stock in mid-February. In that time, we have had quite a few opportunities for profit, having run from .37 -.55 on our first big take, and having seen a low of .22 before surging as high as .74 in the meantime.

After last week’s panic sell-off due to false accusations levied against IDOI, yesterday, the stock closed above every recorded moving average, and punched past all resistance, indicating that the recovery is well underway. A break above the .46-.48 range would leave the next patch of resistance to show up in the mid-.50’s, as indicated in the video chart we’ve drawn up for you today.

As a stock that seems to respond well to good news, we are anxious to observe the performance of IDOI following yesterday’s post-market news.

Yesterday’s Press:

NEW YORK, NY, Aug 01, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — IDO Security Inc. (OTCBB: IDOI), developer of the innovative MagShoe(TM) shoe scanning device (SSD), today announced that the Company has installed the MagShoe at the Penitenciarul Poarta Alba Prison in Bucharest Romania.

Following the Company’s participation in the Israeli delegation to the 2012 Black Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition in May 2012, and demonstrating the MagShoe at the ICPA Regional conference in Bucharest, June 14th and 15th, IDO Security has begun a pilot program in the Constanc’a Prison.


Bebida Beverage Co.  BBDA

We have been talking about BBDA for the better part of a month now; in that time, we’ve had a few occasions to profit.

The stock was as low as .0015 on July 13th. We’ve noted .003 as a key resistance point in the past, and we were watching for a break of that price point, which came yesterday. The next key resistance is the previous high of .0039. Past that level, it is blue sky, as referenced in the included video chart.


Extended Watchlist:

APP, NOK, TLON, PGNX (bottom-bouncer)