AAPL, TLON & Extended Watchlist

Apple, Inc. AAPL -Options

We don’t normally put option-plays in the newsletter, but when we do, it seems to work very nicely. Our mention of the $605 and $610 Calls yielded the opportunity for big gains. The Apple $605 Calls traded as low 4.70, and hit a high of 9.90, for over 100%, and the $610 Calls, traded as low as 2.85, and touched a high of 6.90, for 142% in gains.

Since Apple looks like it wants to gap up above $615, we want to move our strike price up and look at the $620 and $625 Calls. The $620’s closed at 2.42 yesterday, and the $625’s were at 1.65. In the event that AAPL can break the $620 mark, $630 and $640 will be the next resistance points.

***Bullish Points***

-The CCI Is attempting to make it past the 50MA

-RSI Just passed the 50-line and the 50MA

-PPO looks like it wants to cross over above 50MA

-Blue bars on the histogram look like they want to reverse to the top side

-Slow STO recently crossed over passing through the 50 line looking like it wants to break above the 50MA

-The stock broke back above the 20, 50 and 100 day moving averages this week.


Talon Therapeutics, Inc. TLON

We observed TLON dip to close at 1.21, and we are expecting a rebound into the company’s Aug.12th FDA date.

It is to be expected to see pullbacks after the three consecutive days of gains that preceeded it, and it provides folks who were late to the party last time a chance to get in on the fun.


Extended Watchlist: