CBIS, AAPT, GMXS, EXTO, MSTG, ACYD | Today’s Stock Watchlist

Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS

CBIS held its gains for us at .14. last week, maintaining a higher low and hitting a higher high.

We like the current makeup of the chart, its going to be interesting to see how it will do for the mid-to-long term.

All American Pet Company, Inc AAPT

AAPT performed nicely for us on Friday, finishing strong with a close at the HOD of .025.

It closed up 47%, although from the LOD, an intraday gain of 56% would have been possible.

We saw resistance broken at .02, and the next key areas to expect resistance will be at .025 and .03.


Gemini Explorations, Inc. GMXS

GMXS has been a nice slow and steady gainer for us since we’ve had it on our watchlist. (At the time trading in the .06-range)

On Friday we saw the stock maintain higher lows, and hit a new high on above-average volume.

We have this stock on close watch, as we feel there will be an eventual consolidation following recent gains, as is often the case.

Exit Only, Inc. EXTO

EXTO is an oldie-but-goodie, we’ve had this one on our radar for a long while. Last year we saw the stock run from .0025 to .0129, making us one of our biggest gains of 2011.

We began to see volume picking up last week, which is why we wanted to mention EXTO once again. This company has been largely dormant since December, so now would be an opportune time for them to get off their behinds and update the public as to the goings-on. We’ll be on the lookout for such an update.


Mustang Alliances, Inc. MSTG

MSTG was a prime performer for us after we first made mention of it on 01/31. The stock was as low as a 1.04, ran to 1.48, subsequently dipping back to .95 before running again, this time to 1.53.

Last week we saw it bounce off of a new low at .57, closing out the week at its high of .95 (a 67% move)

If resistance at 1.05 can be broken, we feel there’s a chance that it could return to the level of its previous highs. We could again see gains in the neighborhood of 50% should that hold true.



American Community Development Group, Inc. ACYD

ACYD is appearing this morning as a momentum play with a favorable chart setup. The stock is also receiving a “Buy Rating” from BARCHART.COM.

Key resistance sits at .0075 and .009, after breaking that resistance, the next resistance doesn’t come until .0128 and .015.