MWIP, AMBS, AQLV, BMSN & Extended Watchlist

We have every reason to be proud of yesterday’s newsletter. Out of four stocks, every single one was in the green, with three of them making substantial gains possible for ourselves and our readers.

MWIP hit a high of .036 after coming off its low of .03 in the first 30 minutes of trading on Monday, for a quick 20% gain. From last week’s low of .02, marks an 80% gain.Remember, we have already seen gains from MWIP on the order of 1795% from .0024-.0455; Yesterday’s action tacked on another 100%, bringing our total cumulative gains to just under 1900%


Amarantus Bioscience, Inc. AMBS

AMBS has been another shooting star since we have been observing its uptrend. The first run took us from .017 to .195, ringing the register for a 1047% gain.

Last week AMBS established a new support level in the upper .05-range where we observed a bounce into this week. Yesterday’s range was between .08-.115, closing out the day at .11. That gave us the opportunity for over 38% in gains intraday, and over 100% from last week’s low.


Aqualiv Technologies, Inc. AQLV

We keened in on AQLV in our afternoon alert on Wednesday, January 8th, at which time we added it to our extended watchlist.

Thursday AQLV saw a low of .0023, following our calls and hitting a high of .012 yesterday. We have already been afforded the opportunity at 422% in gains from this stock.


Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. BMSN

BMSN has been another monster mover for us, having ran from .0006-.0024 prior to yesterday’s breakout. After our initial run we were on the lookout for a higher level of support to be established in the .001 range. The support we were looking for at .001 did indeed hold strong and yesterday we saw a breakout to new highs on great dollar volume.

Bumping its head into resistance at the 200DMA of .0038, BMSN brings our total possible gains to 533%


That’s all very impressive, yet still doesn’t include the gains we saw from a few of the picks in yesterday’s extended watchlist:

Extended Watchlist:
ACHN, TSOI, MJNA, HEMP, CBIS, FOYJ, SCXN (Repeated From Yesterday) & ENTB, ERBB (Added Today)