All American Pet Company | AAPT & Extended Watchlist

All American Pet Company, Inc. AAPT

After hitting a high of .0295 yesterday, the stock ran into some resistance at its 100DMA of .0282. We are looking for AAPT to make that its new level of support, as the chart indicators are all still suggesting that this thing could continue to increase in value.

As you can see, the RSI passed the 50DMA, heading towards the power zone. The blue bars on the histogram continue to build up to the bullish side, and PPO recently crossed over, passing the 50DMA, with the Slow STO heading into the power zone.Based on these indicators, this could be setting up for a multi-day runner.

The company has been very active with regard to making information available, and we would not be surprised to see that trend continue with more news in coming weeks.


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