AAPT, BBDA, RENU & Extended Watchlist

The dog days of summer are finally over! We had a better summer stretch than we could have hoped for, packed with a lot of good plays. Now we’re ready for everything to kick up a notch, as we begin a new season. Many of our favorite things happen in the fall, but most of all a general increase in trading activity is what has us pumped up! We have noticed a lot more liquidity this Summer than years past, so we are hoping that will translate into one heck of an autumn. We’re going to be bringing a lot of new plays in the coming weeks, but for now, we’ll just be focusing on existing plays that are faring well.


All American Pet Company, Inc. AAPT

We first began to talk about AAPT back on April 5th. We saw the stock run fromĀ  .0165-.0398 (141%) in just those first two sessions that followed. A month later, it had retraced to find support at .015, only to run as high as .0798 in May (430%). We then saw another low, at .011 in early August, and by the 21st, AAPT had hit .044 (300%). So in total, this stock has brought us 871% in cumulative gains in a relatively short time frame.


Bebida Beverage Co. BBDA

We first mentioned BBDA on July 6th. At the time it was as low as .0015, before running as high as .0199, about 6 weeks later. That 1227% gain was more than we could have hoped for from BBDA, yet there was more to come. Recently the stock found a low of .0045 before surging back to .0148, for an additional 229% gain.


Renuen Corp RENU

RENU had some fantastic news out this morning, the likes of which could have us soon looking at large gains like the two stocks mentioned above. Don’t miss this huge development:

NEW YORK, NY and ST. CLOUD, FL, Sep 04, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — RenuEn Corporation (OTCBB: RENU), a rapidly expanding renewable energy roll-up company focused on solar, wind and geothermal energy solutions, today announced that the Company’s acquisition of Team Energy, Inc. has been finalized. The most immediate corporate change for RenuEn is the appointment of new CEO and Chairman of the Board, Mr. Don Wood of Team Energy.

James Scott, current CEO of RenuEn, said, “I am very pleased to complete this major strategic acquisition, and to announce Mr. Wood as our new CEO and Chairman. He has a proven record as a leader in the industry, and has assembled a world-class team of Energy Project experts. I will still be very involved with the Company’s operations, specifically with the legislative prerogatives. The Landfill Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) business is primarily with municipalities, and this aspect of our business is integral to the success of obtaining such projects.”

The terms of the acquisition were the issuance of 200 million shares of RenuEn common stock to Team Energy. Also, one preferred share will be issued to Team Energy, which will consist of a 50.1% voting right. This share is not convertible into common, nor will it be listed or traded separately. There was no cash remuneration.

Here are some momentum movers we noticed some nice action from Friday, which could translate to added gains this week: CCAJ, ENTB, OTHM, ACYD


Extended Watchlist: