AAPL, PURE, RAD, DRWI & Extended Watchlist

Apple, Inc. AAPL
Apple fared quite well on Wednesday.  The $650 October 20th Calls we mentioned were as low as 7.70, and hit a high of 10.30, making 34% possible in just the first hour of trading.We will continue to monitor these calls heading into earnings, and we feel that there will be multiple opportunities to profit, just as we’ve seen over the past few days.

Rite Aid Corp. RAD

Everyone should be familiar with a household name like Rite Aid. The stock has been on something of a downtrend for the past month, and seems to be ready to bounce off of oversold territory. A year ago this time, it was trading in the .90-range, and ran as high as 2.12 by mid-March. Now that RAD has returned to a support level, we want to put it on our watchlist, as a longer-term play to follow in the coming months.


PURE Bioscience PURE

PURE has recently begun an uptrend off of its 52-wk low of .90, which it reached just under a month ago.  As you can see from the included chart, the stock had traded between the 2.00-4.00 range for the majority of this year. Now that we are starting to see a rebound on this stock, we have a positive outlook that the stock will recover and trend upward over the next couple of months.


Dragonwave, Inc. DRWI

DRWI is another big board play that just hit it’s 2.05 52-wk low on October 1st. Over the past few months, the stock has struggled to get above its 50DMA, currently sitting at 2.33. Provided a break past the resistance at that  level, we could see a nice breakout. That is precisely the reason we are adding DRWI to the watchlist this morning.

Extended Watchlist: