AAPL, APDN, AAPT, SAGD & Extended Watchlist

APPL Options

Our mention of AAPL Options yesterday was right on time. The $655 Call was as low as 5.00, closing at the HOD of 14.40 (188%). The $660 call was as low as 3.39, closing at 11.05 (226%). We sincerely hope our members were able to catch our newsletter from yesterday morning which alluded to these calls. We don’t have a crystal ball with regard to Apple’s trend continuing, as volatility is often the order of the day. That said, while indicators remained bullish, we stayed with the calls, and were handsomely rewarded as a result.

  Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. APDN

APDN has been on our watchlist since last Friday, having as low as .07. At yesterday’s high of .1645, we were looking at a 135% gain in the span of just two sessions. In that time, we’ve also seen the volume increase significantly. Yesterday’s volume doubled that of Friday, which had doubled Thursday’s volume as well. We will certainly be monitoring APDN for the remainder of the week to see where the momentum can carry us.

All American Pet Company, Inc. AAPT

AAPT had yet another positive performance yesterday, after it’s consolidation during Friday’s trading. We’ve been following the stock since April,with mainly good results, as we have become quite familiar with it’s patterns and trends. We noticed the stock beginning to make some headway last week as we observed a breach of the 20, 50 and 100DMA’s. Yesterday we saw a new high since early June, and as long as it continues to hold support above the 100DMA of .029, we will continue to keep an eye peeled in its direction.

South American Gold Corp. SAGD

We would like to add SAGD to our periphery this morning, as a gold play momentum alert. Monday saw some nice volume and explosive gains, bullishly closing at the high-of-day (.0087), and just above a key level of resistance (The 50DMA of .0085).


Extended Watchlist: