PANW Mega Multi-Baggers & More

More Options Perfection:

We ended the week in Friday’s report by patting ourselves on the back for the options clean sweep that we managed with Thursday’s ideas. Of course, we formulated a group of fresh ideas for that report as well, and once again, we were flawless.

All three of the fresh options plays that we signaled interest in, recorded huge moves on the day and allowed for some serious single session gain opportunities to anyone who was in on the action. Our specific targets were the PANW Weekly $535-545 Calls, the WDAY Weekly $285-275 Puts, and the AMAT Weekly $150-148 Puts. Regardless of which strikwe point was chosen, the moves were considerable.

Here are the total ranges and possible gains that were made available by those ideas: 

PANW Weekly $535-545 Calls
 .83-7.99 (+863%)
$540: .66-5.48 (+730%)
$545: .48-3.62 (+654%)

WDAY Weekly $285-275 Puts
$285: 2.13-5.02 (+136%)
$282.50: 1.85-3.75 (+103%)
$280: .80-6.00 (+650%)
$277.50: 1.02-2.02 (+98%)
$275: .75-1.57 (+109%)

AMAT Weekly $150-148 Puts

$150: .07-.34 (+385%)
$149: .18-.39 (+117%)
$148: .30-.50 (+167%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

The earnings calendar is a little light this for this morning, but we’ve put together a couple of ideas to start things off this week. Some daily SPY Calls with futures currently on the rise, and an extended term short on CRNC.

SPY 11/22 $469-470 Calls
CRNC 12/17 $105-95 Puts

Extended Watchlist: 

More Winning Options Plays

CRWD & PDD Options Update: 

We’ve been cruising right along this week with some really nice options plays yielding up considerable gain chances for ourselves and our readers. Our newsletters yesterday morning contained a bullish and a bearish idea in the CRWD and PDD chains, respectively.

Both companies had just released their earnings reports, and appeared to be gearing up to go in opposite directions. We targeted the CRWD Weekly $197.50-202.50 Calls and the PDD Weekly $152.50-148 Puts, and in both cases, our hunches paid off, with the CRWD ideas clearly being the more potent of the two. .

Here is the rundown of the single-session performances recorded by these plays: 

CRWD Weekly $197.50-202.50 Calls
$197.50: 3.15-14.00 (+344%)
$200: 2.40-12.07 (+403%)
$202.50: 1.86-10.00 (+438%)

PDD Weekly $12.50-148 Puts
 8.01-12.95 (+62%)
$150: 6.28-11.25 (+79%)
$149: 5.00-10.02 (+101%)
$148: 6.45-10.15 (+57%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 

We’ve got another batch of earnings calendar plays this morning in the solar and retail spaces. Here are the chains and possible strike ranges that we find interesting today:

CSIQ Weekly $43.50-46 Calls 
WOOF Weekly $25 Calls
WSM Weekly $145-155 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: 

Wrapping Up Another Strong Trading Week

Snowflake Inc. SNOW – Options Review

In yesterday morning’s premarket report, there was a clear standout among our options ideas of the day. We had tagged the SNOW Weekly $247.50-250 Calls for observation following the company’s earnings drop. It was a release with mixed results, but that didn’t stop traders from pushing the stock as high as 279.45 on the session.

SNOW’s intraday move facilitated some fantastic numbers in our designated targets. The total possible gains were in the eight-bagger range, and were as follows: 

SNOW Weekly $247.50-250 Calls 
$247.50: 3.40-32.64 (+860%)
$250: 3.07-29.39 (+857%)

Fresh Options Ideas*:
COST Weekly $320-315 Puts
AVGO Weekly $445-447.50 Calls
GPS Weekly $25.50-26.50 Calls
SPY Weekly $379-380 Calls 

*Please do not attempt to trade options with a weekly expiration on Friday unless you are an advanced level trader with access to disposable funds! 

For The Earth Corp. FTEG 

FTEG is a CBD play traded on the OTC that we tagged in yesterday morning’s extended watchlist, after noticing two of the company’s overdue reports were filed for the previous two quarters. FTEG is currently working toward coming current, and that represents progress toward that end, so that’s something we’re going to want to keep an eye on.

Whenever a defunct OTC stock goes current, the attention it brings can often drive some serious moves. We’ve witnessed many subpenny runners of late, and FTEG could get its chance, so we’re going to want to monitor this one closely over a longer period of time.

Extended Watchlist: