Thursday’s Huge Movers, 4-Pack of Fresh Plays

Options Clean Sweep: 

We certainly hit on the options ideas that we included in yesterday morning’s premarket report, with all four of the interests on our daily slate producing big intraday moves for us. Our ideas went bullish across the board, and with the aid of a massively positive session for the markets as a whole, we saw all sorts of multibag gain opportunities.

We were focusing our attention upon the SIG Weekly $69-70 Calls, the ASO Weekly $60-62 Calls, the BEKE Weekly $17.50-18 Calls, and the ADBE Weekly $345-352.50 Calls, and the results were very pleasing. Here are the huge moves and total possible profits on the table for the session by way of these ideas:

SIG Weekly $69-70 Calls
 4.20-8.15 (+94%)
$70: 2.23-5.50 (+147%)

ASO Weekly $60-62 Calls
 1.00-7.50 (+650%)
$61: 1.50-4.48 (+199%)
$62: .79-3.64 (+361%)

BEKE Weekly $17.50-18 Calls
 .50-1.05 (+110%)
$18: .40-.84 (+110%)

ADBE Weekly $345-352.50 Calls

$345: 3.19-10.85 (+240%)
$347.50: 2.39-8.72 (+265%)
$350: 1.66-7.00 (+322%)
$352.50: 1.16-5.27 (+354%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
NVDA Weekly $255-257.50 Calls
FDX Weekly $222.50-227.50 Calls
COIN Weekly $68-71 Calls
BABA Weekly $81-83 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Earnings Plays, OTC Recap & More

AutoNation, Inc. AN
& Moderna, Inc. MRNA – Options Review: 

As we begin to head into the heart of another earnings season we’re likely to stay on top of several sets of options ideas at a time, so strap in, and try to keep up! We started off yesterday morning with an earnings idea for AutoNation , the AN 08/20 $100-105 Calls, after the company obliterated expectations on the street.

Here are the single-session gains registered by those plays, despite another lackluster session for the general markets: 

AN 08/20 $100-105 Calls
 3.30-7.50 (+127%)
$105: 2.05-4.78 (+133%)

MRNA’s Impressive breakout continued yesterday following our premarket update on the longer-term options ideas we have been tracking there. The stock’s biggest intraday surge yet carried our targets of interest, the MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls, to the following new highs. These ranges represent the total moves we observed since formulating the idea in our report on the morning of June 21st:

MRNA 08/20 $195-210 Calls
$195: 23.50-119.32 (+408%)
$200: 18.00-114.75 (+538%)
$210: 13.55-106.76 (+688%)

Fresh Post-Earnings Options Ideas: 
HAL Weekly $19-20 Calls
IBM Weekly $140-142 Calls

Drone Guarder, Inc. DRNG – Recap:

We also want to provide a quick update on the activity in DRNG, which we’ve been tracking since Thursday morning, at which time we observed a low of .0031 and a run to .0098 (+216%). We’ve since seen a dip back to .0032, and subsequent run to ,0075, which amounts to an additional 134% swing.

With this type of price action and volatility we’ll be interested in continuing to track the movements in DRNG.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: RT Recap, Fresh Ideas & More

Ruby Tuesday, Inc. RT – Update

It was in our premarket report the Friday before last that we perfectly called the bottom on Ruby Tuesday, as the stock registered a new 52-week low of 2.08 that day. It spent last week pushing its way ever upward, reaching a high of 3.20 on Friday, which works out to an increase of 54%

The extended term options idea that we formulated, the RT 11/18 $2.50 Calls, have also broken out as a result. From the low of .05 on the morning of our first alert, to Friday’s new high of .60 represented an astonishing one week swing of 1100%

We’ll want to continue to keep ourselves abreast of the situation here as we kick off another trading week. We want to see RT continue to register higher support levels each day, and with plenty of time left until the expiration of those contracts, a sustained rally for the stock would mean more gains on the options side of things as well.

Hasbro, Inc. HAS – Options Idea

We’re seeing another potential options trading opportunity unfolding with Hasbro this morning on the heels of its premarket earnings beat. In this case, the stock has also recently come down to 6-month lows, and is approaching heavily oversold territory.  As our regular readers are aware, we’re always on the lookout for plays of this nature. Our targets of interest will be the HAS Weekly $79-81 Calls, unless the stock breaks 81, in which case we’d roll our strike price up to match the activity.

Sipp Industries, Inc. SIPC

We want to tag SIPC for observation this morning after running across a new PR in which the company disclosed that it has retired 395 Million shares (>>View PR).

Additionally, the stock has been in the process of consolidating off of a recent run to nearly a penny, so we’re going to be on the lookout for a potential dip-and-rip scenario.

Extended Watchlist: