Wednesday’s 6000% Gainer, 5 Fresh Ideas

Another Sweep of the Board:

It has come to the point where we can no longer feign surprise when our daily slates of options ideas return positive performances from each and every potential target. After a perfect week last week, we have kept that incredible streak going, not missing on a single potential play so far this week.

It’s a testament to our methods, which include doing the same things every day here in the premarket. Our reports tend to all look very similar because of how dialed in we are on our daily process, and the results continue to demonstrate that in a big way.

Yesterday, the five possible plays we highlighted were the SPY 11/15 $449-450 Calls, the TSLA Weekly $240-242.50 Calls, the TJX Weekly $93-91 Puts, the TGT Weekly $123-125 Calls, and the CTLT Weekly $35-37.50 Calls. Here were the kinds of moves they posted on the session, including a mammoth SIX THOUSAND percenter on the CTLT 37.50’s:

SPY 11/15 $449-450 Calls
 .53-1.72 (+224%)
$450: .17-.84 (+394%)

TSLA Weekly $240-242.50 Calls
 2.88-8.50 (+195%)
$242.50: 2.11-6.75 (+220%)

TJX Weekly $93-91 Puts
 2.70-4.20 (+55%)
$92.50: 2.07-3.72 (+79%)
$92: 1.80-3.30 (+83%)
$91: 1.00-2.39 (+139%)

TGT Weekly $123-125 Calls
 3.60-8.50 (+136%)
$124: 2.90-7.70 (+165%)
$125: 2.25-6.80 (+202%)

CTLT Weekly $35-37.50 Calls
$35: 1.17-5.50 (+370%)
$37.50: .05-3.07 (+6040%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PANW Weekly $245-240 Puts
WMT $162.50-157.50 Puts
BABA Weekly $82-80 Puts
NTES Weekly $115-110 Puts
NICE Weekly $190 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Subpenny Runner, Options Ideas

Nano Labs Corp. CTLE – Recap

At the top of our to-do list this morning is going to be CTLE, which we tagged for observation in yesterday morning’s premarket report. We include these Extended Watchlist plays nearly every day, and it’s always a good idea to add them to a watchlist on your own screens, as they often turn up hidden gems like this one.

CTLE recorded a low of .0044 before pushing up to a high of .0095, which represents an intraday rip of 116% The stock posted this performance on its largest single day trading volume in well over five years, with over a billion shares changing hands! With activity on this level, we’ll certainly want to continue to follow the CTLE chart as we head through midweek. Inc. EBIX – Bottom Bouncer

We took notice of EBIX this morning on a routine scan, and discovered a very attractive bottom setup on the chart. As you can see on the included snapshot below, the stock fell off a cliff last month and has spent the past week establishing a new bottom.

This is exactly the type of setup we look for in a potential recovery play, with a base of support along with a massive topside gap on the chart. We’re going to add a longer-term options idea that would allow us to take advantage of any impending rebounds. We’re going to radar the EBIX 06/18 $40-45 Calls.

Fresh Options Idea:
AMBA Weekly $118-121 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Form-4 Alert & More

Options Review 

We closed out the trading week on Friday morning with some fresh options ideas, namely the SPLK Weekly $134-138 Calls. The moves we observed in those contract sets were highly impressive, with enormous multi-bag runs across the board.

The total possible profits on the table for daytraders were as follows:

$134 CallsRange: 1.79-6.50 – Max Gain: 263%
$135 Calls – Range: 1.15-5.80 – Max Gain: 404%
$136 Calls – Range: .83-5.70  – Max Gain: 586%
$137 Calls – Range: .50-3.70 – Max Gain: 640%
$138 Calls – Range: .26-2.74  – Max Gain: 954%

Cheers to anyone who took advantage of this unbelievable quick-strike opportunity!

Ebix, Inc. EBIX – Form-4 Alert

We caught a Form-4 insider buying alert on EBIX this morning. That’s when we noticed the prime bottom positioning of the chart, complete with a significant gap to the topside. This will be a perfect candidate to identify some longer-term options plays we have interest in tracking.

We’ll be looking at the EBIX 03/20 $30-40 Calls in the days and weeks ahead.

Extended Watchlist: