Wednesday’s 6000% Gainer, 5 Fresh Ideas

Another Sweep of the Board:

It has come to the point where we can no longer feign surprise when our daily slates of options ideas return positive performances from each and every potential target. After a perfect week last week, we have kept that incredible streak going, not missing on a single potential play so far this week.

It’s a testament to our methods, which include doing the same things every day here in the premarket. Our reports tend to all look very similar because of how dialed in we are on our daily process, and the results continue to demonstrate that in a big way.

Yesterday, the five possible plays we highlighted were the SPY 11/15 $449-450 Calls, the TSLA Weekly $240-242.50 Calls, the TJX Weekly $93-91 Puts, the TGT Weekly $123-125 Calls, and the CTLT Weekly $35-37.50 Calls. Here were the kinds of moves they posted on the session, including a mammoth SIX THOUSAND percenter on the CTLT 37.50’s:

SPY 11/15 $449-450 Calls
 .53-1.72 (+224%)
$450: .17-.84 (+394%)

TSLA Weekly $240-242.50 Calls
 2.88-8.50 (+195%)
$242.50: 2.11-6.75 (+220%)

TJX Weekly $93-91 Puts
 2.70-4.20 (+55%)
$92.50: 2.07-3.72 (+79%)
$92: 1.80-3.30 (+83%)
$91: 1.00-2.39 (+139%)

TGT Weekly $123-125 Calls
 3.60-8.50 (+136%)
$124: 2.90-7.70 (+165%)
$125: 2.25-6.80 (+202%)

CTLT Weekly $35-37.50 Calls
$35: 1.17-5.50 (+370%)
$37.50: .05-3.07 (+6040%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PANW Weekly $245-240 Puts
WMT $162.50-157.50 Puts
BABA Weekly $82-80 Puts
NTES Weekly $115-110 Puts
NICE Weekly $190 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Monday Recaps, Special Alert

Options Recaps: 

We got things off to a solid start for the week yesterday morning, with some solid gainers coming off of our tracked plays for the day, which we highlighted in our premarket report. The potential profits were very respectable from two out of our three possible targets, and we also witnessed some new highs in a longer-term play that we signaled in our report from last Wednesday.

Our daily runners were the PDD Weekly $82-79 Puts and the SPY 03/20 $389-391 Calls, and the plays that originated last week were the MDT 04/21 $80-82.50 Calls. The following is the breakdown of yesterday’s intraday runs, and the total increase in the MDT targets since our initial alert on the 15th:

PDD Weekly $82-79 Puts
 3.10-5.10 (+65%)
$81: 3.00-4.20 (+40%)
$80: 2.20-3.85 (+75%)
$79: 1.90-3.35 (+76%)

SPY 03/20 $389-391 Calls
$389: 2.56-5.24 (+125%)
$390: 1.97-4.40 (+103%)
$391: 1.47-3.55 (+141%)

MDT 04/21 $80-82.50 Calls
 1.23-2.03 (+65%)
$82.50: .53-1.18 (+123%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
ONON 04/21 $25-27.50 Calls
CSIQ Weekly $38-39 Calls

Special Alert – Upcoming Opportunity:

We have a fresh penny stock idea coming your way for tomorrow morning’s report. The stock has just recently come off of its 52-week lows, and is exhibiting strong signs of an impending uptrend! This energy sector play is trading just shy of a penny, and we know our readers have an appetite for value-added upside. We’re very excited about the possibilities for this, one don’t miss tomorrow’s report hitting your inboxes around around 9AM! 

Extended Watchlist: