COIN Puts Blast Off & More

Options Review: 

It was a mixed bag sort of a day for the markets yesterday, as everything traveled up in the morning and came down in the afternoon. We had options ideas on both side of the tracks which managed to produce some very nice intraday gain opportunities for us. Typically we try to select targets that we feel have a solid chance of providing the kind of volatility needed to facilitate big moves in a short time frame, and that’s why we usually stick to companies that have untraded-upon earnings.

Our earnings plays that rattled off big moves yesterday were the EA Weekly $111-113 Calls and the COIN Weekly $65-55 Puts. In the case of the COIN targets. based on this morning’s premarket activity we would expect to see even more of an increase today over the figures you’ll see below from yesterday’s session:

EA Weekly $111-113 Calls
 4.60-13.65 (+197%)
$112: 3.80-13.75 (+262%)
$113: 5.70-12.25 (+115%)

COIN Weekly $65-55 Puts 
$65: 6.00-15.20 (+153%)
$60: 3.30-10.80 (+227%)
$55: 1.85-7.10 (+284%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 05/13 $392-389 Puts
DIS Weekly $101-98 Puts
NICE 05/20 $185-190 Calls
HCP 07/15 $30-40 Calls 

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SPY Gains, Longer-Term Plays on the Move

SPY Gains, Longer-Term Plays Popping: 

In terms of our options trading ideas from yesterday morning’s premarket report, we saw rather unimpressive performances from a couple of our ideas. However, our laser-like accuracy in dealing with the SPY continued in spades with the SPY 05/11 $402-404 Calls, so we’ve got the figures on those for you this morning.

We will also circle back around to a couple of the longer-term sets of ideas we made last week which have made some very impressive moves for us so far, and don’t expire until the end of next week. We signaled possible plays in the EL 05/20 $250-230 Puts and the FTNT 05/20 $290-310 Calls on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively, and each of them has produced major moves, which were as follows:

SPY 05/11 $402-404 Calls
 1.64-4.81 (+193%)
$403: 1.40-4.25 (+204%)
$404: 1.20-3.75 (+213%)

EL 05/20 $250-230 Puts
$250: 5.29-22.87 (+332%)
$240: 2.75-13.84 (+403%)
$230: 1.45-8.50  (+486%)

FTNT 05/20 $290-310 Calls
 1.15-4.60 (+300%)
$300: .75-2.75 (+267%)
$310: .45-1.45 (+222%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
EA Weekly $111-113 Calls
ALC Weekly 05/20 $65-70 Calls
COIN Weekly $65-55 Puts 

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Tons of Options Plays and a Special Reminder!

Mega Options Week Ends with a Bang: 

It makes a lot of sense that we will be closing out the week after having yet another awesome day of options ideas yesterday. We have been on an incredible roll, and yesterday’s report was no different. with four out of our five fresh plays for the day recording some very nice numbers.

We had the QCOM Weekly $145-155 Calls, the EA Weekly $143-146 Calls, the ZTS 11/19 $210-220 Calls, and the SPY Weekly $464-465 Calls, which all produced daily runs of a rather significant nature. The total daily ranges and possible gains were as follows:

QCOM Weekly $145-155 Calls
 8.99-13.71 (+53%)
$146: 8.00-13.20 (+65%)
$150: 4.60-9.38 (+104%)
$155: 1.89-4.95 (+162%)

EA Weekly $143-146 Calls
$143: 1.71-3.00 (+75%)
$144: 1.19-3.30 (+177%)
$145: .89-2.58 (+190%)
$146: .83-2.09 (+152%)

ZTS 11/19 $210-220 Calls
$210: 6.10-9.50 (+58%)
$220: 1.45-3.10 (+114%)

SPY Weekly $464-465 Calls
$464: 1.97-3.40 (+73%)
$465: 1.36-2.58 (+90%)


Fresh Options Ideas:
EXPE Weekly $175-180 Calls*
DDOG Weekly $190-195 Calls*
PFE Weekly $47.50-49 Calls*
ABNB Weekly $185-190 Calls*
PINS Weekly $43-45 Calls* 

*Please don’t trade weekly options on a Friday unless you are an advanced trader with access to disposable funds! 

Trans Global Group, Inc. TGGI – Update:

We also want to provide a brief update on TGGI, an OTC play we’ve been tracking for quite some time. A quick peek at the TGGI tag on our archive website reveals that we’ve  been mentioning it several times in recent weeks, and the stock has gone on a run yet again.

From a low of .0065 last week, it popped off to a high of .024 yesterday, marking a rise of 269%


We’re excited to bring a brand new special report to our readers on Monday morning, on a hot new circular economy stock with award winning products thriving in the waste-to-energy space. This will be a ground-floor opportunity that we really do not recommend missing!

It will hit inboxes around 9 AM Eastern on Monday so stay locked and loaded and ready to take advantage! It will be in lieu of our regular newsletter, and we will report back with any gains from today’s options ideas on Tuesday. Have a great weekend, traders, and we’ll see you Monday!

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