WEST, THWI, ACI & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Westinghouse Solar, Inc. WEST

WEST appeared on our extended watchlist Monday for the first time, and the stock turned in a great performance. From the low of .211 to the high of .30, the stock managed a gain of 42%

It’s always nice when a pick pays almost instant dividends. We are certainly going to leave WEST on our active watchlist for the foreseeable future.

This, on the heels of Monday’s exciting announcement, stating that “CBD Energy and Westinghouse Solar Received 5MW Order From Australia’s Largest Whitegoods, Electrical Retailer, Harvey Norman, Commercial Division”

The Order for Five Megawatts exceeded the value of the company’s total shipments for 2011.


Thwapr, Inc. THWI

THWI appears to be ripe for a rebound . We have been pounding the table on this play since last week, which was the perfect opportunity to get in cheaply as the stock had dipped to .026.

THWI has held a higher lows both days this week, at .029, leading us to believe that this consolidation period has almost run its course.

Yesterday the stock ran into a little resistance just shy of the 20DMA (.037), but once that level is breached, it would be no surprise to us if it were to continue on to test previous areas of resistance at .06 and .08, as we’ve pointed out on the chart below.


Arch Coal, Inc. ACI

ACI continued its recovery yesterday, stacking up some additional gains from where we first spotted it in our alert at 6.07 on Monday. Yesterday’s high of 6.49 respresents a modest gain of 7% from our initial flag. As we stated in that alert, we are looking at this play more for its longer-term potential, however, we believe it has short-to-mid-term potential as well.

The stock closed above a key resistance point (the 20DMA of 6.43), which we view as a healthy indicator. We’d like to see ACI hold above that 20DMA, we will maintain our bullish opinion of ACI.


Extended Watchlist: