ACI, OMVE, ENTB & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Arch Coal, Inc. ACI

ACI was a good addition to yesterday’s midday report, and once again, we come through with impeccable timing. We took notice of the fact that the stock is trending up off of its 52-week low, and wasted little time in bringing it to you.

At the time of publication, ACI was slightly in the green, trading at 6.07. ACI went on to finish the day with strength, gaining another 2.5%, closing at 6.19. We will most likely be keeping ACI on our long-term watchlist. Big Board plays can take longer to see gains of the magnitude that we often see in the OTC market. Patience is key!

Entest BioMedical Inc. ENTB

 Our abiltiy to keep our ear to the street, and time plays with great regularity is almost uncanny. ENTB has proven that, having gained 125% for our readers in just two short trading sessions.

Friday, we added it to the newsletter to watch for a bounce after consolidation from its previous run offered a prime entry at .01 on both Friday, and Monday. On Monday, the stock performed well all day, and closed at the high-of-day; leading us to believe that the momentum could spill over into today.

We will be watching to see where ENTB encounters its next resistance point, which, on the chart, looks like it could be .042; a previous high reached in May. Higher highs and higher lows confirm an uptrend, and we will be looking for a continuation of that into today’s session.

Omni Ventures, Inc. OMVE

As is often the case, we cover plays well in advance of other groups. Such is the case with OMVE as well. After the market close yesterday, our inbox began flooding with several paid newsletters touting OMVE. Fridays low of .13, and yesterdays low of .1435 offered some great entry points to our readers ahead of the crowd. Today we could see an increased amount of activity due to the increased exposure OMVE recieved overnight.

Keep in mind that there are several paid promoters covering this play, and where there are paid promoters, there is likely a third-party selling shares to cover the costs of the campaign, which could put pressure on the stock.

If OMVE gets enough momentum, and can break above resistance points at .20, we could see some additional gains. If you were able to catch the bottom on Friday, or Monday, you could be looking at gains of 30-44% already, at yesterdays close of .187.

Certainly nothing to complain about, and definately time to consider locking in profits if it can’t break through resistance. Moving forward we want to see the support increase, and we would like to see OMVE hold higher highs and higher lows in order to remain on our watchlist.

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