Midday Updates – ACI, ENTB

Arch Coal, Inc. ACI

ACI looks to us like a bottom-feeders’ dream. We are adding this play to our bottom-play radars today, as it has just come to our attention. This is one bargain stock that may end up making us very happy that we caught it on the heels of its  52-week low (5.62, reached on Friday).

We want to monitor this play going forward, with the stock seeing a bit of green today at 6.07, being as low as 5.916- we’d like to see it continue to make higher lows off of its recent bottom.

The key level of support to hold would be 5.62, and from these levels, we think it realistic to imagine that the recovery here could be another great opportunity for substantial gains.


Entest BioMedical Inc. ENTB

ENTB was as low as .01 on Friday when we added it to our newsletter, stating that, “Generally, a stock that has displayed these kinds of gains over a relatively short period are in for a bit of a slide; something that is generally followed up by a bounce. That is what we will be awaiting.”

We certainly didn’t have to wait very long. Today’s high of .018 represents an 80% gain, quick-as-you-please, and served up to us on a silver platter this morning!

It even prompted one of our faithul readers to send us an email expressing his gratitude for the heads-up call: “ENTB was a monster today. As usual, great service. The best part? The day’s not even over!”

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