SNPK, IRBL | Midday Updates

Sunpeaks Ventures, Inc. SNPK

Yesterday, SNPK set off alerts on just about every penny trader’s radar as the emails came flooding in from the same network of promoters that covered NSRS. We were able to time NSRS perfectly, giving it to the ones that may have missed the promo the very same day it began. We did the same on SNPK yesterday.

It was not released to our mailing list, but the initial alert on SNPK was published on our blog well in advance of yesterday’s close. This is a prime example of why subscribers to our newsletter should also follow our blog either by visiting daily, or subscribe to our RSS feed.

Today, the stock gapped up from .43 to .48, and ran as high as .61, for a quick early-morning opportunity to gain between 27-42%

We are going to keep watch over this play, as the group running the promo often tends to extend their campaigns over a period of more than a couple days, providing a chance for dips and bounce opportunities.

Inrob Tech, Ltd. IRBL

IRBL was a new alert this morning, and after opening at .0039, the stock is currently trading at the high-of-day of .0086, up roughly 120% on the day, and being the day’s second big winner.

A hearty congratulations to other traders that were capitalizing on both of these gems this morning. There is nothing like a fast Friday to get us in a great mindset to enjoy the weekend, of course, looking forward to Monday’s bell all the while!

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you bright and early Monday morning.