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We don’t very often dabble in OTC stocks anymore, with our primary focus being on big boards and options plays these days. We do make exceptions when it’s called for however, and this morning, we just wanted to draw attention to a couple of good calls we’ve made in that arena recently.

Driven Deliveries, Inc. DRVD -We tagged DRVD a couple of times in the last week, first in our report last Thursday morning, and promptly saw a perfect double bagger as the stock ran 100% from 1.50 that day to 3.00 on Friday.

More than just your average OTC throwaway, DRVD has a marijuana delivery service, and we’ve always been attracted to businesses in the cannabis space. The company also completed a 12.35:1 forward split the day we initially alerted on it and that move came post-split.  We’ll be interested to continue monitoring this stock.

China Health Management Corp. CNHC - We also have tagged CNHC a couple of times in that same span, first highlighting it on Friday, and then again yesterday morning in our extended watchlist. Generally speaking, even if a stock is not featured in our reports, if it appears multiple times in our extended watchlist, there’s good chance it has performed well.

In the case of CNHC, we saw a move from .012 on the day of our initial alert to .04 yesterday. That’s a two-session upswing of 233%

Coty, Inc. COTY  - Speaking of the big boards, we highlighted COTY on Friday morning as well, selecting some weekly options that produced multi-bag gains for us. But the stock itself, between that time from a low of 8.50 and this morning’s premarket high of 11.58, has risen 36% in just a short while. We’ll want to continue tracking here as well.

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: WTW Recap & More

Weight Watchers International, Inc. WTW – Recap

To close out the week on Friday, we left off with a bearish idea on Weight Watchers, and with the help of a another down day for the markets, a couple of the plays we were tracking in the range of the WTW Weekly $58.50-56.50 Puts, did quite well for us even as other ideas fell by the wayside. .

WTW opened just under its daily high of 56.10, and fell all the way back to the $48 range. That allowed for some nice gain opportunities in a pair of our designated targets:

$57.50 Puts – Range: 2.66-9.11 – Max Gain: 242%
$57 Puts – Range: 2.54-9.15 - Max Gain: 260%

Thunder Energies Corp. TNRG

It has been quite awhile since we mentioned any penny stocks in our reports, especially when you consider that those were our primary areas of focus many years ago. Lately we have become mainly focused upon big board stocks and options plays, but every now and again a penny will catch our eye.

Such is the case with TNRG, a stock we’re interested in tracking for a couple reasons. Along with a tight share structure, we’ve also observed a recent, significant rise in volume. The company has also just satisfied the conditions on some Convertible Promissory Notes.

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AA Options Update & More

Alcoa, Inc. AA – Options Idea

We took the opportunity to target some AA puts yesterday morning after noticing a technically weak chart, combined with a let-down on the company’s earnings report. Post-earnings options ideas are quite simply one of our favorite ways to see rapid moves to the upside, and Alcoa was no exception to that rule.

Our specific targets were the AA Weekly $32-30 Puts, and every set of contracts within that range afforded us the chance at hefty single-session profits.

$32 Puts – Range: 2.64-3.77 – Max Gain: 43%
$31.50 Puts – Range: 1.93-3.59 – Max Gain: 86%
$31 Puts – Range: 1.57-3.98 – Max Gain: 153%
$30.50 Puts – Range: 1.16-2.58 – Max Gain: 122%
$30 Puts – Range: .65-2.11 – Max Gain: 225%

With the stock gapping down slightly in the premarket once again, we’ll be on the lookout for those ranges to be extended. Should the stock’s heavy decline continue, we’ll continue to track those, as well as explore the possibility of rolling down our strike prices to stay closer to the money.

BioStar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. BSPM

We want to circle back around to provide an update on the recent activity of BSPM, which we placed on watch back on the 15th of last month. We would subsequently observe a low of 2.54 the following morning, and after a steady stair-stepping performance in ensuing sessions, the stock went meteoric during trading yesterday.

It made an excellent 96% intraday push from 3.60 up to its new high of 7.06, which marked an overall increase of 178% above the low we witnessed just under a month ago. The move was catalyzed by the launch of the company’s rhinitis and sinusitis treatment in China; an absolutely huge market.

Extended-Term Options Ideas

We want to signal some longer-term options ideas for tracking in the weeks ahead on both Nike and Lululemon. NKE just registered new 52-week lows yesterday, while LULU has come down its lowest PPS since February. Therefore, we’d like to monitor the activity in the following options contracts.

Nike, Inc. NKE – 12/16 $50-57.50 Calls

Lululemon Athletica, Inc. LULU – 12/08 $55-62.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

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