ZNGA, MFTH, MSVS, F & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Zynga, Inc. ZNGA

ZNGA hit 8.67 yesterday, gaining 18% from its 52-wk low that we pointed out the day prior. It’s always nice to be able to time a bottom just right.

As we said yesterday, Friday’s upcoming Facebook IPO has a lot of folks buzzing about related stocks as well, leading us to believe that the rest of the week could continue to be very interesting for ZNGA.

Yesterday we pointed out ZNGA options as well (the $10 June Calls), which traded as low as .35, and as high as .55, for a possible 57% profit.

Medisafe 1 Technologies Corp. MFTH


Micron Enviro Systems Inc. MSVS

These two new momentum plays popped up on our radar recently after we noticed inreasing volume and PPS. We are going to be to keeping an eye out for each to continue the patterns we have observed, hopefully bringing us some nice added gains.

Ford Motor Co.  F

We want to keep our scanners attuned to Ford stock as well as the stock has been on a steady downtrend of late. It is currently trading as low as it has since the last week in December, and we are on the sidelines patiently waiting for it to settle into an absolute bottom, which we will attempt to time as well as we did with ZNGA.

Once we see a turnaround here, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the stock go right back to around 12.00 or 13.00, which would be a tidy gain from current levels.


Extended Watchlist: