RTTR Pops, Options Recaps & More

Ritter Pharmaceuticals Inc. RTTR

We were looking for a big start to the week, which we did get with our options ideas on Monday, but we also included RTTR in that report, and yesterday the stock really went for a ride.

From a low of .332 Monday morning, to yesterday’s new high of .74 it marks a two-day upswing and total possible gains of 123%

Options Updates

We also formulated several options ideas in yesterday morning’s premarket report, and were flushed with solid opportunities to profit in 3 out of our 4 target ranges. Here are the moves made by those contracts on the day:

CHGG 05/15 $45-55 Calls
8.00-16.19 (+102%)
$50: 4.00-12.00 (+200%)
$55: 1.36-7.89 (+480%)

PTON Weekly $34-35 Calls*
2.96-4.00 (+35%)
$35: 2.41-3.50 (+45%)

*Based on premarket activity, we expect to see the gains here increased today, so keep an eye peeled.

SPY 05/06 $285-288 Calls
$285: 2.93-4.83 (+65%)
$286: 2.36-4.04 (+71%)
$287: 1.83-3.30 (+80%)
$288: 1.37-2.64 (+93%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
CVS Weekly $62-63 Calls
EA Weekly $120-115 Puts
INMD 05/15 $25-30 Calls
CLVS Weekly $8-8.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: SPY Calls, More Options

SPY Review

After big success with SPY options earlier last week, we decided to roll up our strike prices and make another pass at an some options ideas on the fund to open things up this week. A reversal on plans to slap tariffs on Mexican goods is helping to fuel a push for the markets in early trading today.

Our ideas for Friday were the SPY Weekly $285-286 Calls, and we’re happy to report some huge single session, multibag gain opportunities came out of those calls for us.

$285 Calls – Range: 1.18-3.86 – Max Gain: 227%
$286 Calls – Range: .59-2.89. – Max Gain: 393%

In order to stay close to the action, we’re going to want to stick with bullish SPY calls and roll up our strike prices yet again to kick off a new trading week this morning. We’re going to radar the SPY Weekly $288-290 Calls.

MGM Resorts International Inc. MGM – Form-4 Alert 

We always scan for new Form-4 submissions, and MGM is the latest subject of insider trading. A director of the company purchased over $20M in MGM stock three separate times last week. Between the buying from Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Keith Meister purchased in excess of $75M+ worth of his company’s shares.

That is no small series of transactions, and leads us to believe confidence on the inside at MGm is high that the stock can continue recover off of its recent relative lows. We’re going to signal some longer term calls to correspond with the situation and begin tracking the MGM 08/16 $28-30 Calls.


We urge readers not to miss out on any of our newsletters this week. We’ve got some plays in cannabis sector that are primed to heat up and we’ll be bringing those to you over the course of the week. You’ll definitely want to catch those, so make sure you’re scanning your inboxes each morning to get in on the action!

Extended Watchlist: