HUGE Options Success on Short Week

Johnson & Johnson JNJ 

Our coverage of JNJ options continues today as we close out this short trading week. We have been hot on the trail of this chain since last Monday, adjusting our ideas as we go, and have landed on the JNJ Weekly $140-142 Calls. Those contract sets have set new highs for us multiple times already, and yesterday’s session was no exception.

The markets went on another tear, going majorly green across the board, and that produced the following ranges and potential intraday mega-gains: 

JNJ Weekly $140-142 Calls
$140: .55-4.40 (+700%)
$141: .37-3.35 (+805%)
$142: .25-2.68 (+972%)

 We would also like to update on the SPY calls we made this Monday morning.  We signaled the Weekly $258-260 Calls, and those have made some really nice headway as well, providing for the following gain opportunities:

Weekly $258-260 Calls 
$258: 4.07-16.85 (+314%)
$259: 3.61-15.86 (+339%)
$260: 3.11-15.13 (+386%)

We will go ahead and roll up to track the SPY Weekly $274-275 Calls into the close today. 

More Options Updates 

We also generated a pair of fresh ideas for yesterday’s morning report based off of earnings, and both of those played fairly well on the day.

LEVI 04/17 $12-13 Calls
$12:.80-2.00 (+150%)
$13: .30-1.15 (+283%)

SGH 04/17 $22.50-25 Calls 
$22.50: 2.05-3.21 (+52%)
$25: .65-1.85 (+185%)

Extended  Watchlist:

Added Note: 

We have been getting an inordinate amount of new subscribers in recent weeks, with more people at home, and still more who are simply trying to maximize their trading opportunities during this difficult time. Regardless of your reasoning for joining our ranks, we would like to offer you a big ‘Welcome to the Family’, and encourage all newcomers to take advantage of our live daily traders chats on Skype (Send contact request to “stocksumo”)