A Load of Fresh Targets

Amkor Technology, AMKR

We’re going to take a little break from our typical focus today, and have a look some pure stock plays that we feel have some good potential. So our first billing on this Monday morning is going to be AMKR.

The stock has been searching out a bottom over the last few sessions, which it has found around the upper $10-level, and has just received an upgrade and $16 price target from Credit Suisse. Accordingly, we’re going to place AMKR on extended watch for the possibility of a notable rebound from the current PPS.

Bellerophon Therapeutics, Inc. BLPH

Another stock play we’re focusing in on today is BLPH, a symbol we’ve had some experience with in the past. After a lackluster summer, the stock appears to be gearing up for a potentially fruitful fall season. It recently reversed off of a bottom, and we’re going to want to place this one on watch for an extended term as well.

BLPH tested the $20-25 range back in May, and we are going to hang around to see if it can mount a similar effort as we head into the holidays.

Kontrol Energy Corp. KNRLF

Speaking of stock plays, we had included a mention of the OTC stock KNRLF in our watchlist on Thursday morning. The low from that day came in at 2.12 and on Friday, it reached a new high of 3.88 marking a two-day swing of 83%

It also ended up closing out the week with strength very near that daily high, so we’ll have our eyes peeled for a possible continuation of that momentum.

Fresh Options Idea:
LEN Weekly $78-80 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: PBR, ACHN, TMSH & More

Petroleo Brasiliero S.A. (Petrobras) PBR

We’ll kick things off this morning with PBR once again, as the stock had another banner day and behaved very much like we suggested it might. Yesterday we mentioned that the PBR chart was looking ripe for further northward movement and that’s just what we got.

The stock itself broke back over $15, which led to some prime opportunities in each and every set of options contracts that we outlined in our morning report. We said we’d be looking at Weekly Calls from $14-$15 for quick-flip intraday opportunities, and they all offered up some serious gains.

The $14 Calls traded from .74 to as high as 1.09, a chance for traders to score up to 47% in profits. The $14.50’s made a nice move up from .34 to .75, good for a nice double-bagger and more at +120% The $15’s fared extremely well also, running a whopping 290% from .11 up to .43.

Even our contracts of longer-term interest, the 07/19 $15 Calls (which we caught at a low of .25) made a solid intraday move from .54-.84, a highly respectable 55% increase.

All in all, for options traders, PBR was a paradise on Monday, and we’ll be continuously monitoring the situation as the week progresses. Major areas of resistance appear on the chart at 15.50 and 15.85, so failure to pierce through that channel would certainly be a signal to us to take profits off of the table. In order to keep our interest levels high, PBR will need to maintain support above the 15-dollar mark.

Achillion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ACHN

Appearing in yesterday’s extended watchlist, ACHN was another play with potential to start off a new week. After a significant morning gap-up, the stock would touch a low of 3.72 before running as high as 4.82, an intraday move of 30%

This morning the company came with a well-timed release concerning its Hep-C drug, and the stock continues to blow its top. The high this morning in premarket trading is 6.47, making ACHN one that we’ll definitely be interested to follow. Per this morning’s PR, there’s a timeline for the testing of this drug leading all the way up to the end of the year, so we’ll stick ACHN on our longer-term radar as well.

NEW HAVEN, Jun 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — Initial cohort of HCV-infected patients begin dosing with ACH-3422 for seven days. Clinical trials may continue evaluating 200 mg of sovaprevir for HCV-infected patients. Timelines for reporting proof-of-concept results with ACH-3422, a proprietary uridine-analog nucleotide polymerase inhibitor, during the fall of 2014 and initiating all-oral combination studies by the end of 2014 remain on track >>> FULL PR

TransGlobal Assets, Inc. TMSH

We’ve been following TMSH since last week, and have not been disappointed. The stock has played out a textbook dip-and-rip scenario for the last three sessions straight, offering up many opportunities to make gains.

Yesterday, it came down as low as .0079 before ripping its way up to .0128, a healthy intraday increase of 62% Provided it continues to trade in this manner, we’ll be looking to take advantage of any similar swings to the ones we’ve seen already. We want to see it make higher lows, and break through the channel of resistance between the previous two sessions’ swing highs (.0128-.0139).

Side Note:

Even with so much else to talk about today, we can’t forget about another cash cow in Apple. AAPL Calls have been providing us with some excellent opportunities in recent weeks as well, and we’re still highly attuned to that situation as well.

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