Blue Horseshoe Stocks: AAPL Options Recap

Apple, Inc. AAPL – Options Ideas

We decided to revisit AAPL Options yesterday morning just as the tech giant was coming off of a huge earnings beat that came post-market on Tuesday. If you recall, we highlighted Calls in the $113-117 area for potential intraday flip opportunities, and three sets of contracts in that range gave real standout performances with each making three significant swings over the course of the day. All of that price action added up to many fine chances for traders to reap sizable profits.

Here’s a look at specific figures of the kinds of gains that were possible, accompanied by a visual representation with the intraday charts:

$114 Calls: 2.54-4.26 (67%), 3.47-4.30(24%), 2.23-3.92(76%) Cumulative Total: 167%

$115 Calls: 1.90-3.40(79%), 2.67-3.40(27%), 1.58-3.06(94%) Cumulative Total: 200%

$116 Calls:
1.35-2.65(96%) , 2.00-2.65(33%) 1.10-2.27(106%) Cumulative Total: 235%

This scenario could not have been more textbook following a big earnings beat.  We’ve utilized this exact sort of trend on numerous occasions in the past, and as you can plainly see, it continues to be an effective strategy to this day.

We mentioned those contracts could be good for intraday and intraweek gains and we’re holding to that, so we’ll continue to have our eyes fixed on the AAPL Options Chain as the week draws to a close.

Extended Watchlist: