REVI Follow-Up Report & Extended Watchist

Resource Ventures, Inc. REVI

We’re revisiting REVI this morning, a printing and graphics stock that has recently brought us the chance at some very impressive gains. Many of you will recall our initial REVI report, which we published back on January 21st.  That day, the stock would afford us the opportunity at a 42% intraday gain as it ran from a low of .0074 to .0105.

On January 28th we conducted, via our sister site, an exclusive interview with REVI CEO Michael Cipolla. It provided some unique insight; we learned a lot about Michael and the company, and would highly suggest anyone that missed the interview to check it out now. GO TO INTERVIEW>>

We touched base with REVI once again on February 5th, when a PR informed us of the company’s intent to branch into the industrial hemp industry in order to take advantage of the recent boom in interest for cannabis related stocks. REVI signed a consulting agreement with a subsidiary of well-known Hemp, Inc. (HEMP). We passed this along to our readers that morning, and anyone who happened to be paying attention was handsomely rewarded. The stock shot up from a daily low of .015 to as high as .056, a 273% intraday spike.

Further along into this month, we learned that REVI’s consulting agreement with HEMP led to a joint venture. The two have collaborated to conceptualize “The Hemp Nation Magazine”, a magazine that will have its content produced by Hemp, Inc. with printing and publishing duties falling to REVI. You can catch a preview of the website at to be launched with full functionality coming up on the 4th of July. In addition to the online portion of the magazine, a subscription-based initial run of 100,000 copies is slated to be printed by Resource Printing (REVI)  Read PR>>>

On February 18th, REVI published its earnings report, which reflected record annual revenues of $2,311,959, as well as record net income of $166,559 for 2013. The news sparked another run when trading resumed on the 19th, and REVI reached a new high of .0765. From our initial alert low of .0074, that’s a monstrous positive move of 934% covered in just under a month’s time.

Perhaps the most exciting part, is that the record setting earnings came on the strength of REVI’s core business. When one takes into account the added venture of The Hemp Nation Magazine, REVI’s new-found direction, it is imperative that we keep this stock on our radars moving forward and follow this storyline through to its conclusion.

We prepared a video of the REVI Chart for your convenience:

This morning, REVI released an update PR which included not only some of the things that we’ve just outlined, but mentions one of the company’s other projects, WikiClickPrint. According to the release, development of the WikiClickPrint On-line Printing Platform is ongoing, “The full rollout of Wikiclickprint is very close and our customers will love it” said Kaiser.


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