ANTS, ATRN, LOGL, MSTG | Today’s Stock Watchlist

ANTs software inc. ANTS

ANTS has been on one heck of a ride since we called it on Thursday at approx. .0043. The momentum really picked up on Friday, as the stock traded close to its record high in volume. We wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the momentum transition into today’s session. After the gains we’ve already seen, it wouldnt be out of the ordinary to see a consolidation, so barring another onslaught of accumulation, it could be a good time for us to start thinking about protecting our profits.

Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

ATRN has been on a steady uptrend since we caught it off of its bottom (.0148). This stock has made explosive gains since, with the closing price at .0735 on Friday. A week ago Friday, we saw the stock rally into Monday. Based on this past Friday’s performance, it appears as if we are seeing a repeat of the same trend, giving us heightened hopes for a strong showing today.

Legend Oil and Gas, LtdĀ  LOGL

Our recent approach to bottom play opportunities has really been paying dividends, and we believe we may have the next one lined up in LOGL.

This stock is coming off of a recent 52-wk low at .589, and judging by the last time it hit bottom, the resulting snapback could be substantial. Last time it was good for a run of over 180%, so even a fraction of that in this instance should be enough to allow for some tidy gains.

Mustang Alliances, Inc. MSTG

MSTG had another positive day on Friday, for the fourth day in a row closing at its high of day. Currently we are up 29% from our initial call. With the way that the chart is set up, and the momentum in this play, we have a positive outlook for this week. MSTG continues to run with the bulls as it makes higher highs and higher lows.