RMDT, RAYS, FBCD, JVA – Today’s Hot Stocks

RMD Technologies, Inc. RMDT

We heard a lot about RMDT over the weekend, so we thought we’d mention it as a momentum play this morning. This stock made a nice move last week, and we like stocks in the half-penny range for just that; their ability to rack up quick gains.

At present, the RSI is in the powerzone, and a breakout could indeed be underway.
This is an interesting company operating in a field that we generally don’t hear much about; electronics recycling. They also have an all electric vehicle made from mostly recycled materials. Their website is worth checking out.

Raystream Inc. RAYS

RAYS figures to continue its momentum from last week, closing at a 1.58. From our original alert price of 1.34, the stock maintained a 15% increase. The stock is now just a week old, but already, due to heavy promotions, Raystream is now a name that is on everyone’s lips. We ought mention that we are not one of the groups running paid promotion on RAYS, but we are one of the first groups to mention it, seeing the weight behind its promotion budget, as well as a fine product.

One could say it’s rare to have such a new stock hold so much promise, but the ramifications of streaming video data speeds of up to 90% faster than current standards, are far reaching indeed. It is going to be awfully interesting to see how the company fares in its attempts to introduce this technology to the mainstream.

The company filed its 10-Q quarterly report this morning


FBC Holding, Inc. FBCD

FBCD has been shaping up nicely after our bottom call just over a week ago.  After rising 70% for us, the chart is pulling back slightly and seems to be preparing for another bounce.

These recent gains represent only a scratch of the surface compared to some of the gains that FBCD has provided in the past, which is why we always like to watch this stock closely. It has the ability for monstrous gains, as proven back in May, running over 600%.

Coffee Holding Co., Inc. JVA

JVA has been in the green for five out of the six days that we have covered it. We jumped on the JVA bandwagon at 8.35, and enjoyed 77% in gains as the stock hit 14.77 on Wednesday.

This stock trades fairly predictably. We like the ability of the stock to provide these short term gains, however, we are also excited about its potential value for the long term.

Remember, this was a $20+ stock just a couple of months ago, and a return to that level is not out of the realm of possibility.