NYSE: TVIX – VelocityShares Daily 2x VIX Short Term ETN


In a rough market, investors have found a bit of a safe haven in TVIX. We have noticed this NYSE play making rapid swings to the positive, and in a highly predictable manner. It seems that TVIX’s trading power is inversely proportional to the market. (ie the worse the market tanks, the better TVIX can do) Yesterday we saw gains in excess of 20%, and with a fund trading over $50, that is nothing at which to bat an eye.

This is indeed the highest priced play we have ever mentioned in our alerts, but we feel very safe with this one, as we observe folks making money off of this play hand-over-fist. Just look at this beauty of a chart:

We are sniffing out a bottom on TVIX, because it appears as if we are on the edge of another upturn, and the ripening chart seems to point to the fact that this could take place in just a short time.