PPHM | Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Inc & Extended Watchlist

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. PPHM

We’ve had PPHM on our radars for the better part of a month now. In that time, there has been quite a few opportunities to get in and out at a nice profit. At the time of our first alert, on August 14th, it experienced one of its biggest volume days ever, trading over 12.5M shares.  We reminded our members of PPHM’s explosiveness last Thursday. On Friday, the stock traded a whopping 29M shares, accompanied by a significant price increase. The stock touched a low of 2.68 before surging 90% to 5.08, and closing at 4.50. With all of the increased interest and activity, we want to keep an eye on PPHM moving forward.

The company had a lot of news out last week outlining various developments, including its intent to release financials today, premarket.


Side Note: The APPL $680 Calls that appeared in our extended watchlist on Friday, at one point ran from .90 to nearly 3.00. Apple options continue to be an ongoing source of profits for us.


Extended Watchlist: