PNCH, GNIN & Extended Watchlist

IC Punch Media, Inc. PNCH

PNCH made a decent move for us yesterday, running 20% from a low of .006 to as much as .0072, and solidifying itself a place on today’s watchlist. Yesterday’s session held higher lows and higher highs than the previous trading day, generally a bullish indicator.

BARCHART.COM is currently giving PNCH a “72% Overall Buy” Rating, and 100% on short term indicators.


Cannabis Stocks Still Popular
A couple of our marijuana stocks were on the rebound yesterday after we mentioned them in our morning alert. In fact, of the 8 stocks on our Hemp Stock Tracker on our blog at, only two failed to close green.

EDXC, which we’ve been tracking since Feb. 26th from a low of .04, closed at a new high of.105. At that price, 75-163% in gains have been attainable from the .04-.06 range when we first alerted the stock.

SKTO dipped to a low of .0031 in the first few minutes of trading on Tuesday, and then shot up to as high as .0058, marking a gain of 87% We then saw a pullback to .0038 before the stock ran back to .0055, for a bounce that added 45% in gains to our total. For having one day on our watchlist, SKTO has impressed us with its ability to produce multiple opportunities to profit. This is a play that we intend to monitor along with all of our other cannabis related stocks, a sector that has continuously met and even exceeded our expectations.


Green Innovations Ltd. GNIN

GNIN hit a high of 2.24 yesterday, following our re-alerting of the stock in the beginning of last week. We also put out a video presentation of the GNIN chart. That level marks a gain of 124% from the stock’s one dollar low reached last Tuesday following our alert.

We’d like to congratulate anyone else was able to capitalize on those gains.


Extended Watchlist: