New Trading Ideas & More

Options Updates, Fresh Ideas: 

As usual, in our premarket report yesterday morning, we started off a new trading week with some quick-strike options ideas. We were looking at the SPY, and XPEV chains with the SPY 03/08 $382-383 Calls, and the XPEV Weekly $28-30 Calls as our targets of interest.

All the action took place early on in the session, well prior to the markets dipping into the close. Here were the total possible gains on the table as they made their rapid morning runs: 

SPY 03/08 $382-383 Calls
$382:  2.55-5.74 (+125%)
$383: 1.96-4.80 (+145%)

XPEV Weekly $28-30 Calls
 1.55-3.25 (+109%)
$29: 1.05-2.60 (+148%)
$30: .80-1.99 (+149%)

Fresh Options Ideas: 
VRTX Weekly $215-217.50 Calls
VRTX 03/19 $220-225 Calls
DKS Weekly $71-69.50 Puts

Saddle Ranch Media, Inc. SRMX

From yesterday morning‘s extended watchlist, we saw SRMX put forth a pleasing intraday surge. The stock was trading for as little as .0046 in the very early goings, and raced quickly to a daily high of .0093. That worked out to a run of 102%

Volume has been picking up, and this is a stock that we saw pop to nearly .02 just last month. We’ll certainly want to continue to watch its activity for the possibility of another push.

Extended Watchlist: