THWI, ENTB & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Thwapr, Inc. THWI

THWI dipped as low as .0315 on Thursday, and bounced back to close at .0364. That adds up to a 16% intraday gain.

The stock held above its 20DMA. This week’s consolidation pattern does not threaten our opinions of THWI, as the price movement has been on relatively light volume. Once we see a pickup in volume, we should see some positive moves. We think this could happen as soon as next week.

Barchart is currently giving THWI a “Buy” Rating


Entest BioMedical Inc. ENTB

ENTB has been on one heck of a run of late. We are expecting such a play to show some consolidation after making such big moves (almost 1400% in the past month), and will be observing for this to occur.

Generally, a stock that has displayed these kinds of gains over a relatively short period are in for a bit of a slide; something that is generally followed up by a bounce. That is what we will be awaiting.


Extended Watchlist: