ATRN, ARNA & Today’s Extended Watchlist


Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

ATRN is a stock we have been covering for quite some time. Some of you may recall the huge run exhibited by the stock earlier this year. Following our alert in January, the stock was trading as low as .012, only to hit a high of .3599 by February for one of our biggest gains all year, totaling 2899% .

As for the present situation, the stock has not been this low since January, and while we do not expect a run of the magnitude we saw before, even a run to the 50DMA of .07, from this level would yield a gain of 100%

We’d like to see the stock hold its key level of support .035, and are looking for a break past .05 (20DMA), which is the first main area of resistance.


Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARNA

ARNA continues to pile up the gains since we began mentioning it back on May 11th , having risen a total of 53% since that time.

We said that the time leading up to the company’s prosposed FDA approval date of 06/27 was going to be interesting, and we were correct. The stock continues to run as we approach zero hour, and we are certainly excited to see the results, and how the stock is affected at that time.


Extended Watchlist:

XG (Coming off lows), WEST, ICPA, THWI,