IDOI, BRGO & Today’s Extended Watchlist

IDO Security, Inc. IDOI

IDOI makes its way back into our newsletter this morning. This is a stock we’ve covered since the 16th of February, and in that time, we have seen quite a lot of profit.

Following our intial alert, the stock was trading as low as .37, and subsequently ran as high as .56 in late March. In April, it dipped back to .34 before hitting a high of .485. We took the stock off our radars following these nearly 100% in gains, and didn’t give it much attention until we began assigning it to our Extended Watchlist around the beginning of last month. By that time, the stock had begun to slide, until reaching a low of .22 and finding its bottom. At that point, we began to observe a definite recovery, as it held higher lows off of that support level.

Which brings us to the present. This week saw a low of .28, and with the past two days of monstrous volume (more in 2 days than the previous 2 weeks), the stock has now begun to approach another breakout point.

We have provided you with a video presentation outlining the finer points of the IDOI chart.


Bergio International, Inc. BRGO

BRGO has not made our newsletter since early September of last year. From that time, the stock saw a range of .091-.145 for a 59% possible gain. BRGO hits our radar again today as a momentum play.

The stock has been on a beast-like run, and closed at its high of day yesterday, with volume mounting to the tune of more than 21X the 3mo average. For that reason, we wanted to mention it once again today.


Extended Watchlist: