Form-4 Alert, Fresh Options Plays

Nkarta, Inc. NKTX – Form-4 Alert

We took notice of an interesting new IPO this morning in NKTX. Typically we would be more interested in stocks with a long history of data to look at, but in this case a notable name is buying up shares. Mega-laboratory GlaxoSmithKline purchased a noteworthy $15M chunk of NKTX, and the newly issued stock has been in a freefall looking for support.

In our experience, we see a lot of IPO’s that sell off hard directly after their initial offering just like this one. It’s when they establish a firm bottom that the buying opportunity is at its greatest, so we are definitely going to want to keep a close watch over NKTX for that to occur. There may be a solid gain opportunity on the horizon here that we won’t want to miss.

Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. SPCE

We highlighted some calls in SPCE last week and met with great success, to the tune of several multi-bag gain opportunites. It has continued to run this week, and so far we’ve seen a 39% move in the stock alone from 19.07-23.53.

We are interested in selecting another range of calls to monitor with SPCE faring so well, so we’re going to place the SPCE $25.50-26.50 Calls on watch for the remainder of the week.

GeoVax Labs, Inc. GOVX

We tagged GOVX in our
extended watchlist on Tuesday, and this stock has made an absolutely eye-popping move.

From its low of .62 on Tuesday, GOVX hit 1.75 yesterday, marking a total two-day upswing of 182% We’ll continue to keep an eye peeled for more activity in this highly volatile play.

Options Ideas:
KMB Weekly $145-148 Calls
DHR 08/21 $200-210 Calls 

Extended Watchlist: