Options Reviews, New Ideas

Options Updates: 

We highlighted a pair of options ideas in yesterday’s morning report, declaring our interest in tracking the KMB Weekly $145-148 Calls, as well as the DHR 08/21 $200-210 Calls. 

Despite what turned out to be a very poor session for the markets in general, both of our highlighted plays saw activity that bucked the overall trend of the day. We saw big moves in every one of the contracts in question: 

KMB Weekly $145-148 Calls
$145: 1.00-4.30 (+330%)
$146: .79-3.20 (+305%)
$147: .70-2.86 (+309%)
$148: 1.00-1.89 (+89%)

DHR 08/21 $200-210 Calls 

$200: 4.26-7.40 (+74%)
$210: 1.38-2.58 (+87%)

Prologis, Inc. PLD – We also had signaled some calls in the PLD chain on Tuesday morning, and after a solid midweek performance, we’ve witnessed some appreciable gains there as well.

PLD 08/21 $100-105 Calls
$100: 1.52-3.26 (+114%)
$105: .45-1.11 (+147%)

Fresh Options Ideas:

And here are the targets we’re going to be monitoring off of today’s earnings calendar. We’ll have a few weeks apiece to track and realize some solid gains in these plays.

Edwards Lifesciences Corp. EW 08/21 $78.50-80 Calls
FirstEnergy Corp. FE 08/21 $30-32 Calls

Extended Watchlist: