Blue Horseshoe Stocks: OTC Updates & More

OTC Updates

Tautachrome, Inc. TTCM – We pointed out yesterday morning that TTCM was well into Blue Sky Breakout territory, and the stock continued its bullish run for us to start off the new week yesterday. It traded in a range from .0241 up to its new high of .0309, which marked an intraday rise of 28%

From our initial alert last Monday, which occurred as TTCM was trading for as little as .0103, yesterday’s new high mark works out to an overall increase of 200% in just a week’s time. Buzz over the release of the company’s app continues to drive interest to this play, with the stock gapping up here in the premarket. If the stock continues to trade with the same type of momentum and volatility we will remain interested.

PCT Ltd. PCTL – Another OTC play that is really hot right now appeared in our report yesterday morning, and in our first day of observance, we witnessed a really nice run from .0089-.015 (+69%).

Crossing the barrier between subpenny and penny territory is no small feat. We’ll continue to watch PCTL with interest.

Taronis Technologies, Inc. TRNX

Another update we’ve got this morning is for TRNX. We signaled our interest in this play two weeks back, on the 8th, and subsequently observed a low of .1832.

Yesterday the stock traded in a range from .47-.63 (+43%) after announcing a huge $165M contract. In total we’ve now seen TRNX make a move of 244% inside of two weeks.