Blue Horseshoe Stocks: FLST Update, QTWW Bottom-Watch

Fuelstream, Inc. FLST
FLST continued to make moves following our midday report yesterday, setting a new daily high of .0098 just prior to the close.

At that mark, from the low we’ve seen (.0037) following our first alert less than a week ago, FLST has gained as much as 164%

We’re looking for FLST to confirm this uptrend by making higher lows and higher highs today; there is resistance in the .01-.013 range.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc. QTWW

We’re placing QTWW on bottom-watch today. The stock got absolutely hammered yesterday after the revelation that one of its main competitors (Hexagon Lincoln) has partnered with one of its main clients (Agility Fuel Systems), which accounted for nearly half of the company’s revenue last year.

The lasting effects of such an agreement are as yet unclear, however, our interest is purely in taking advantage of a chart bottom and subsequent rebound. We’ve seen this scenario a hundred times, and with proper timing, quick bounceplay profits are often a possibility.

Options Trading Side Note:

Our tracking of the PBR options chain continues after much recent success. Today we’re eyeballing $14-$15.50 Weekly Calls for short term opportunities over the remainder of the week.

Extended Watchlist:

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