Blue Horseshoe Stocks: APP, CERS Recaps & More

American Apparel Inc. APP

It appears as if we brought APP back into the discussion yesterday at an opportune time, as the stock enjoyed a healthy intraday move on more than twice the 3-month average trading volume.

After briefly seeing a low of .63 the stock gradually built its way up to an afternoon high of .69, an increase of roughly 10%, and in the premarket this morning APP has already traded as high as .78. That pushes the overnight increase on APP to 24%

Yesterday we mentioned that breaking of the 200DMA of .74 was a key event that needed to take place and we’ve seen that happen this morning, so APP is certainly going to remain high on our watchlists as we head into week’s end.

Cerus Corp. CERS

CERS was included in yesterday’s extended watchlist, and made a solid move during the day’s session. From a low of 5.26 the stock made a run at a high of 5.94, a modest yet notable 13% increase.

It came on the heels of the announcement that the company had received the green light from the FDA on its product that limits the risk of infection-transmission in blood transfusions. We always like a good FDA-approval play so we will definitely be monitoring this play in coming sessions.

CONCORD, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cerus Corporation (CERS) today announced¬†that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the INTERCEPT Blood System for plasma. The INTERCEPT plasma system is approved for ex vivo preparation of plasma in order to reduce the risk of transfusion-transmitted infection (TTI) when treating patients requiring therapeutic plasma transfusion. >> FULL PR

Eco Science Solutions, Inc. ESSI

We’ve still got ESSI on our radars, and wanted to remind our readers of this even as the stock has been trading in a tight channel between .20-.25 since we last took a look at it. The reason we still find ESSI attractive is that it boasts a tight share structure, and while we haven’t seen much in the way of volume, should that change, even the slightest amount of buying pressure could send ESSI flying.

From a business perspective, we’re also interested in the technology the company is working on, its innovative re-imagining on classic spark plug design. So despite not seeing much short-term activity, ESSI still has many of the hallmarks of a high-potential play that we’ll want to watch closely into the New Year.

We’ve drawn up a video on the current standing of the ESSI Chart, so take a look at that by clicking the graphic below:

If you missed our initial report on ESSI and its spark plug technology, go ahead and take a look now: ESSI Report

Extended Watchlist:

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