ASYI, MSLP | Midday Updates


It is always nice to hop on a fresh momentum play just in time to witness intraday gains topping 250%

The first hour of trading on ASYI today saw a low of .0045. Just after 10:50am eastern, the stock began stair-stepping its way up, hitting its peak at .0159 shortly before 1 o’clock.

The stock is now maintaining over 50% of those gains, having traded nearly 6x its 10-day average volume.

It appears as if the 200dma of .0206 is the next key level of resistance.

Muscle Pharm Corp MSLP

MSLP experienced a bit of a pullback today, to .0125. This is to be expected following its recent 183% move from .006-.017 in under a two-week span.

We continue to see above average volume, to the tune of nearly 30% more than normal levels, so we want to keep an eye on MSLP as new blood flows into the stock, and profit-takers flip out.

A nice bounce could be had if it continues to hold support at .0125. At present, MSLP is trading the .0145 level, which would have been good for an intraday gain of up to 16%