APP, VHGI – Today’s Stocks

American Apparel, Inc. APP

We are noticing a lot of newsletter activity surrounding APP. We don’t hesitate to mention that we were the first to spot this bottom play, and it seems now that others are showing up to the party.

The chart is still ripe for action, with a MACD that is just itching to cross, thus we are pretty excited to see how the rest of the week is going to treat this stock. It appears generally oversold, and ready for a pop that we believe is not at all far off.

VHGI Holdings, Inc.

VHGI hit a high of .52 yesterday, marking a 73% gain from our initial alert at .30, which came on Friday afternoon. We saw the potential for blue-sky breakout, as the stock began smashing through previous resistance points, making for an exciting two sessions of sizable gain.

We anticipate a consolidation for the short term, but by no means have we lost total interest in this play and its potential.

Premier Beverage Group Corp. PBGC

PBGC lost its level of support at .25 on Monday, so we are going to adopt an attitude of caution. The stock has been good to us in the past, so we will keep it on our watchlists, but for the time being, will push it to the back burner while we have more exciting prospects to monitor.