ANTS, ATRN, NSRS, MSTG, THQI | The Week in Review

We’ve been enjoying unprecedented success in 2012, so if you’re just joining us, you picked an unbelievably good time to do so! For our faithful readers that have been with us through thick and thin, your loyalty is being repaid with some serious interest! Consistency can be tough in this business, and it seems no one one else can deliver the goods week in and week out like we can.


ANTs software inc. ANTS

We jumped on ANTS yesterday, at the time of our alert going out, the stock was trading at .0043. Today, the stock continued yesterday’s momentum, trading more than five times its average volume, and gained 179% for us. With all of the interest and excitement pouring into this stock, we would not be surprised to see a continuation of the run on Monday.


We watched THQI gap down significantly this morning, to reach a new low at .5258. We’re still standing on the sidelines, observing this for a clear sign that it has hit absolute bottom. The resultant bounceback could be substantial.

North Springs Resources Corp. NSRS

NSRS was added to our radar on December 28th. Today the stock hit a new high of 1.20, a 374% move from the low following our initial call of .253.

Mustang Alliances, Inc. MSTG

MSTG has been on a multi-day run since our first mention of it early this week. This morning we raised the bar of expectations, and turned out to be correct as you can see it has racked up continued gains. At the day’s high of 1.33, we’ve thus far enjoyed 28% in gains.

Atrinsic, Inc. ATRN

ATRN had another nice rebound on Thursday and today, following a consolidation off of its highs on Monday. This bottom play that we caught in the .015’s has been a beast since we added it to our watchlist, providing us with multiple profit opportunities. For the new readers that unfortunately will have missed the already roughly 500% in gains on this stock, this week’s low of .052, to today’s high of .085, would still be a 63% increase.


We hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and for all of you NFL fans, enjoy the big show, and our last taste of football for awhile! We will be on the grind again bright and early on Monday morning, as we continue with our own Big Show!