ANTS, THQI, MSTG – Stock Watchlist

ANTs software inc. ANTS

ANTS exploded yesterday on high volume, as it seems we’ve once again caught a momentum play just in the nick of time. The stock hit a high of .0061, and closed at .0055, for a 67% gain on the day.

With the momentum that we saw yesterday, we wouldnt be surprised to see that carry into next week, so for the time being, ANTS’ spot on our watchlist is reserved.


THQ is a bottom play that we wanted to add to our watchlist this morning. It isnt very often that this sort of bottom opportunity is presented by such a well-known company, but video game developer THQ is certainly a name that we have heard before.

Back in early December the stock took a downturn from 1.80 to the 1.40’s, before a large gap-down from 1.46 to 1.21. The stock has recently bounced off of its low of .63, so we’d like to see a continued recovery to 1.20, where we could see that gap filled back up to 1.40. We don’t see this stock staying under a buck for long.

Mustang Alliances, Inc.MSTG

MSTG has closed near its high of day for 3 of the past 4 days. Yesterday the stock closed just two cents shy of recent highs that we predicted would be reached again. We are now in a position of having to raise the bar, so to speak, after a recent MACD cross, a move past these levels could create a definite blue-sky situation. Thus far MSTG has afforded us the opportunity to make an 18% gain, but the biggest gains we believe are yet to come.