2657% Gain on AMAZ!

Amazing Energy Oil & Gas, Inc. AMAZ – Another Update 
We were just mentioning our idea for AMAZ yesterday, that we initially flagged for observation at the end of April. We had also put a reminder in Monday’s extended watchlist. Despite already seeing a 1000%+ move, the stock wasn’t finished, and it put on quite a show yesterday.

The stock hit a new high of .0386, which from our observed low of .0014 less than a month ago, represents an absurd increase of 2657% which isn’t the highest, but certainly one of our top gainers of 2020 so far.

US Steel Corp. X – Options Update

We placed an options idea for the US Steel chain in yesterday morning’s premarket report on the heels of the company’s quarterly earnings drop.

Specifically, our targets were the X Weekly $8.50-9 Calls and while the gains observed weren’t eye-popping by any stretch of the imagination, they were still solid, and based on premarket activity today we expect to see these pile on even more gains at the open.

In the meantime, here’s the activity in those plays for yesterday’s session: 

X Weekly $8.50-9 Calls
$8.50: .23-.38 (+65%)
$9: .07-.12 (+71%)

Fresh Ideas:
CBRL Weekly $110 Calls
CRWD Weekly $100 Calls  

Extended Watchlist: