Blue Horseshoe Stocks: WATT Recap & More

Energous Corp.  WATT

WATT was included in our extended watchlist on Wednesday before the holiday break, and the stock went on to make a modest yet solid move, despite having only a short session in which to do so. We saw the stock rise from an early low of 8.40 on up to a high of 9.50, which represents an intraday spike of 13%

Apart from its bullish chart, one of the main reasons that WATT is so interesting is that its “WattUp” technology is so close to the cutting edge. Wireless charging has gained a fair bit of steam with charging mats over the past several years, but those require that the device be sitting on the pad. A technology that can rout power wirelessly over a much larger area has yet to make its way to the mainstream.

We’ll be keeping watch over WATT, which could really make a splash if the WattUp technology proves to be as versatile and efficient as the company claims, and is able to clear FCC Certification for which it is currently undergoing tests. >> LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY

Extended Watchlist: