Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Update on AEZS & More

AEterna Zentaris, Inc. AEZS

Our Monday morning report this week included AEZS as a potential bottom play which we did end up timing perfectly, seeing an 18% intraday move (.55-.65) during that session.

We also focused in on AEZS yesterday morning, mentioning that further opportunities appeared possible, and were rewarded for the second straight day. The stock traded in a range from .67-.79, which registered as another 18% intraday jump.

Yesterday’s high marked an overall increase of 43% and provided an excellent example of why the setting of new all-time lows in a given stock is a phenomenon that will draw our attention every time.

We’ll continue to monitor this play as the week progresses, but all in all, we consider it to be a success already, with the chances it has given us to make solid gains over a period of just two days.

Quick Update on TASER International, Inc. TASR

We wanted to update readers on another stock we’ve been monitoring over the last week- TASR has also provided a modest opportunity over the past couple of sessions. The stock bounced off of support at 20.79 on Monday, and yesterday managed to push its way to a high of 24.44, a notable 17.5% increase.

Extended Watchlist: