RGBP Blows its Lid

Regen Biopharma, Inc. RGBP: 

After tagging RGBP for observation in our report on Friday morning, we swung back around to provide an update yesterday as well, following a solid performance during Friday’s session.

After that move from .0165 to .0295 (+79%), RGBP opened up this week with a bang as well, adding considerable gains with a second straight bullish session. The stock traded in an intraday range from .0375 and hit a new high of .0819. That marked a daily rip of 118% and an overall increase from Friday’s low of 396%

Advantego Corp. ADGO:  

Another OTC-traded extended watchlist play, we put ADGO on watch yesterday morning, and received instant results there as well. The stock posted a low of .0027 before running as high as .0055 on the day. That worked out to a total possible gain of 104%

Fresh Options Idea:
FAST 05/21 $50 Calls 

Extended Watchlist:

Multibag Options Gainers Everywhere

Unstoppable Options Success:

Recent market conditions have continued to allow us to reap repeated rewards on the options front, and yesterday was no exception. The RIOT and MARA party kept raging yesterday, after we indicated that we expected an increase to the gains we’d already observed in the MARA Weekly $40-42 Calls, and the RIOT Weekly $53-55 Calls we were tracking.

We’ve got new highs to report across the board, most of which pushed our observed trading ranges on these ideas into multibag territory: 

MARA Weekly $40-42 Calls
 4.47-9.60 (+115%)
$41: 4.07-8.30 (+104%)
$42: 3.73-7.65 (+105%)

RIOT Weekly $53-55 Calls
 6.70-26.27 (+337%)
$53: 5.75-25.00 (+335%)
$55: 5.25-25.00 (+376%)

Wix.com, Ltd. WIX 

We also put forth a couple of targets in the WIX chain yesterday morning, signaling interest in the WIX Weekly $280-290 Calls which also yielded some incredible opportunities to profit in a huge way.

These were the incredible intraday gain chances available to anyone who caught our premarket alert: 

WIX Weekly $280-290 Calls 
$280: 5.30-16.10 (+204%)
$290: 1.40-13.00 (+820%)

Fresh Earnings Ideas:
TWLO Weekly $445-460 Calls
BIDU Weekly $305-290 Puts
WMT Weekly $143-140 Puts 

Extended Watchlist: 

Blue Horseshoe Stocks: Options Recap & More

Updates on Yesterday’s Options Ideas

Both of our options ideas from yesterday’s premarket report returned some excellent chances for quick intraday profits. While it’s true that we signal Puts very rarely,  that didn’t stop us from sniffing out winning contracts!  

Macy’s, Inc. M –  After releasing disappointing sales figures for Q3 and gapping down considerably in premarket trading, Macy’s continued to plunge, registering a new 52-week low and creating all sort of opportunities within our targeted range, the M Weekly $47-43 Puts.

We had the $43’s run from 1.10-3.33; a move of 203%, and the $44’s turned in an even more impressive performance, shooting up 424% from .85-4.45. At the other end of the spectrum, the $47 Puts popped from 4.46 to 7.00 (+57%), but keep in mind that there were several sets of contracts in between, and traders were faced with potential gains regardless of the increment chosen!


Horizon Pharma plc HZNP – HZNP was the other play we were bearish on yesterday, looking at the HZNP Weekly $20-17 Puts. Just like the previously mentioned play, we were afforded the chance at gains no matter what strike price we chose within our selected range of contracts, as the stock continued to pull back.

$20 Puts – Daily Range: 1.70-3.00 – Max Gain: 76%
$19 Puts – Daily Range: 1.15-2.20 – Max Gain: 91%
$18 Puts – Daily Range: .90-1.66  – Max Gain: 46%
$17 Puts – Daily Range: .65-1.30  – Max Gain: 100%


JC Penney Company Inc. JCP

JC Penney got beaten back yesterday and looked oversold in our opinion, but the stock seems to be rebounding nicely in early trading today. We’re going to call attention to both a weekly and a longer term set of contracts that we want to monitor going forward. For intraday/week swing trades, we’ll look to JCP Weekly $8.50 Calls, and for an extended-term watch, we’ll go with the JCP 12/11 $9 and 9.50 Calls. We would be remiss if we failed to mention that JCP earnings are slated for release before market open tomorrow so things could get quite interesting, very soon.

Dolat Ventures, Inc. DOLV

We also want to quickly submit the following subpenny play for speculation. DOLV is going to be a bottom-watch play for us as we near week’s end. Indicators suggest a recovery could be in the cards, so we’ll be watching for the recording of higher highs and higher lows off of its recently established bottom.

Extended Watchlist: