TRID, SRPX, POWT – Today’s Stocks

Scorpex, Inc. SRPX

SRPX has a nice chart setup, looking a lot like a bottom bounce play. As recently as November, the stock was trading above .80, and has just recently gotten down to its 52-week low of .35.

Have a look at this video chart, pointing out some of the features of the chart.

Also take a peek at the company’s last major PR for a look into how things could be getting better for this stock in 2012.

LAS VEGAS, Dec 21, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Scorpex, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SRPX) (the “Company”), an emerging leader of industrial, hazardous and toxic waste disposal services in the Baja Mexico/California region, has signed a waste supply contract with AISA, a Mexican waste transportation company with headquarters located in Tijuana, Mexico. The agreement states that AISA must provide 300 tons of hazardous and toxic waste at an average price per ton of $1,200 USD. Gross revenues from this agreement could produce up to $360,000 USD gross revenue per day and $131,400,000 USD gross revenue per year from this contact with AISA alone.

POWRtec International Corp POWT

On Friday, we mentioned that we were looking at a gap-up, followed by a pullback, and then another run on POW. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time in the day to completely fulfill that prediction. The stock did pull back, so now we are looking for that final step in the right direction to take this one back up.

It seems like Friday’s close could be a relative bottom, so we are still in cautious observer mode.

Trident Microsystems, Inc. TRID

TRIS is yet another bottom play. This NASDAQ stock recently fell off of a cliff, which is usually enough to get our attention. The indicators on the chart are hinting at recovery. The RSI shows overselling, and with a huge gap on the chart that needs to be filled, we feel that this is an undervalued play worth keeping an eye on in weeks to come.

The last time we dipped our toes into a higher exchange, we called another bounce play in the form of APP. For those of you that don’t recall, the stock was at .52 when we alerted it, and hit a subsequent high of .88 (currently at .85) for gains of 60-70%  If TRID does even half as well we will be pleased