GRDO, POWT – Today’s Stocks

POWRtec International Corp POWT

POWT is another momentum play for us this morning. We are looking for a morning gap up, followed by a pullback, and then most likely another run.

This stock is being heavily promoted right now (by the same group that did SPAH); we usually like to stick our noses into a play when it has a fairly large budget behind it.

Guard Dog, Inc. GRDO

We still like the look of GRDO’s chart. The MACD cross that we were anticipating occurred. On Thursday, PPS came down as low as .0006 before pressing back to .0008, and making a 33% intraday gain.

We’ve mentioned before that .0009 is the key resistance point, and that still holds true now.

We’d like to see GRDO gain a full head of steam and get over that hump, it should very well see .001 and better. For now, we are just making sure the stock maintains support at .0005-.0006, which would be a slight increase from the previous support at .0004.