IBIO, ARNA, & Today’s Extended Watchlist

iBio, Inc. IBIO

We’ve been quietly watching IBIO for quite some time. This AMEX stock has been on a consistant downtrend for the past couple of months, and is reaching the point where we felt it was time to begin sniffing for a bottom.

As you can see from the chart below, IBIO has the look of a stock that could be in for quite a recovering run once that ultimate bottom is reached. Shares from this price level could really turn out to be a bargain in the long run.


Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ARNA

ARNA hit a high of 8.65 on Wednesday.  That’s a 57% gain from the stock’s low (5.50) following our initial alert. It appears that many investors are, like us, highly anticpating the possibility of ARNA’s FDA Approval.

We’ve already seen sizable gains from ARNA, and certainly would like to keep the stock on our radars for the forseeable future. We will, of course, keep you updated as to the situation.


We’d like to congratulate any traders who managed to trade RGIN successfully yesterday, as it was not for the faint of heart. The stock opened at .285 yesterday, and hit a high of .44 before falling into the close at .20. Savvy traders could still have made an intraday gain of 54% early on, and if anyone caught the afternoon bounce from .151 to .249 that came following the high of day, an additional 62% gain was possible.


Extended Watchlist: