FB (Facebook), GMXS, EMWW & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Facebook, Inc. FB

Here’s our take on FB. As a service used by a sizable portion of the free world, and all of the excitement being kicked up by today’s IPO, it would seem reasonable to expect the stock to trade like a beast out of the starting gate, BUT (and here is our word of caution)- We will not be getting married to FB stock in its early trading days, as we feel that once the initial hysteria dies down, FB will be subject to a large consolidation.

For the short-term, we feel that taking quick profits, and adopting a cautious attitude will prevail. As far as the long-term is concerned, it seems unlikely that Facebook will hold its initial gains.(which could figure to be pretty substantial). So what we are looking at here, is a bit of a double-edged sword, but leaving out all emotion and trading smartly could make a play at this new stock worth our while.


Gemini Explorations, Inc. GMXS

GMXS had another nice performance yesterday on the heels of a post-market announcement made by the company Wednesday.

We saw gains on the order of 47% on its second highest volume day ever, trading 369,000 shares, just 20K shy of the all-time high.

The stock closed with strength Thursday, finishing at it’s high-of-day, and having broken through the 50MA. The next key levels of resistance will be the 20MA (.08), and the 52-wk high of .10, however beyond that, we’re in blue-sky breakout mode, and traveling into uncharted waters.

From yesterday’s close at .078, to the previous ten cent high, would represent a gain of 28%; nothing at which to bat an eye.


Structural Enhancement Technologies EMWW

Winners, winners, everywhere! EMWW saw another green session Thursday, also having closed at it’s HOD (.0098), up 30% on the day.


Extended Watchlist:

RENU, IDOI, & Today’s Extended Watchlist

Renuen Corp RENU

RENU had a record volume day on Tuesday, cleaning out what appeared to be old sellers leaning on the stock.

At yesterday’s HOD of .0046, we’ve already witnessed gains on the order of 188%

RENU rose above its 200DMA never looking back. The RSI is currently sitting at 67, ready to breach the Powerzone. The PPO recently crossed, and is kissing the 50DMA, looking like it wants to surpass that, as we’ve highlighted on the chart below. The Slow STO also crossed recently, pointing North after surpassing its own 50DMA.

Along with the recent increase in volume, it appears RENU is running with the bulls. We’d like to see it hold above its 200DMA moving forward.


IDO Security, Inc.

IDOI has been making higher highs and lows ever since it bounced off its 200DMA at .34.

All the moving averages are steadily climbing as you can see below. The 50DMA recently crossed the 20DMA, and the 100DMA is setting up to do the same.

The RSI is showing strength, having just passed the 50 mark, and looks likely to cross above its 50DMA.

The PPO looks ready to cross as well, with the histogram about to flip up topside.

The Slow STO is exhibiting similar signs, and also heading for the powerzone.


Extended Watchllist: